A downloadable game for Windows


Ludum dare game Jam # 39
72 hours developpement

Rules :
Control the cable with Q or A and D (or arrows)  and save the power of your smartphone.
Red sphere causes an incoming call of your girlfriend.
Blue sphere actives a eco mode.

Warning ! We have accidently spilled lots of a coffee on the ground.

Please rate we on : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/39/plug-me

We love you !

How we are ? :

We are 3 amateur frenchy would want develop a video game for the first time !


Bug fixed :
- Long time loading
- Player can't move


PLUG ME ! x64 - BUG FIXED 2 - [LudumDare #39].zip 26 MB
PLUG ME ! x86 - BUG FIXED 2 - [LudumDare #39].zip 24 MB
PLUG ME ! x64 [LudumDare #39].zip 26 MB
PLUG ME ! x86 [LudumDare #39].zip 24 MB


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Bien joué les gars, une fois un bouton "recommencer" ajouté, le jeu sera très bon ! J'ai parlé de votre jeu dans ma review :

Bonne continuation :)

Very funny game! I liked all the kind of obstacles you've chosen. Nice Job!

Thanks you very much for your feedback and your video man !

This game was pretty fun, but also difficult! Sometimes it was pretty difficult to dodge some things, but I found after a couple of runs it got easier. Overall I think it was a great entry to ludum dare! Très bien :) lol sorry i had to, I suck at french and thats all I remember